This small vacation home rests upon an inland hilltop glade surrounded by conifers and native shrub grasses. The design scheme emphasizes the home’s panoramic views of Cape Cod Bay in the distance and takes advantage of the dramatic slope of the site. The plan is divided between two volumes, the larger of which contains the primary living spaces, bedrooms and a study, while the smaller one is designated as a guesthouse. A screened “dogtrot” – an outdoor passageway between the two structures which provides shade and ventilation – simultaneously “joins” and “separates” the two spaces, and opens the living areas to the outdoors. A pivot at the dogtrot folds the house into the hillside and around a cluster of existing trees. In the primary volume, eleven-foot ceilings and abundant glazing bring the forested condition inside, placing the living areas amidst the tree canopy. The vaulted ceiling heights downstairs hoist the bedrooms and study into the sky. Views from the second floor master suite, study and roof deck, which spans the dogtrot, disengage the occupant from the ground plane.

Photo Credits:

Chuck Choi Architectural Photography