Atlantic Center for the Arts

"The element that most compelled me...was the contrast of muscular design and the atmosphere of lovely, intimate spaces."

– Suzanne Fetscher, Former Director

Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute

"Maryann and her associates are fearless about suggesting out of the box solutions."

– Alan Fein, Deputy Director

Atrium School

"What is most important for us was [Maryann's] ability to listen to our community's needs and build into the design visible...elements that fit into our school's mission."

– Steve Middlebrook, Head of School

Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute

"Maryann takes her client's ideas, heightens them, and makes them beautiful and inspiring. She works wonderfully with client groups of many sizes..."

– Eric Lander, Director

A.R.T. Black Box Theater and Gallery
Harvard University

"This project presented significant challenges, in terms of both budget and schedule. Maryann Thompson Architects’ abilities and attitude played a significant role in completing this project on time and within budget."

– Priscilla Noetzel-Wilson

The Children's School

"Approachable, humble, brilliant and willing to give it her all, Maryann, and her entire team, are all about the client ..."

– Maureen Murphy, Head of School


"Maryann is both a gifted artist—whose medium happens to be buildings—and an empathetic and responsive agent of the client, responding to all our needs."

– Homeowner