This project involved the renovation of an existing four story concrete building, previously occupied by a school, into a private residence for a young family of five.  Located in a residential neighborhood in Cambridge, the property consists of several parcels of land, with the existing building situated on an inner lot with no direct street frontage. 

The design attempts to introduce new scales of occupation and a varied spatiality.  Emphasis on warmth of materials, texture in details, and flow of movement juxtapose the regularity of the existing with the idiosyncrasies of a more personalized space.  Openings in the existing building enclosure and floor slabs create opportunities for additional natural light and new sectional connections between levels.  The south façade, facing a large backyard, is developed as the new “public” focus of the house.  The transparency of the skin and the extending balconies and terraces activate the south edge of the building, engaging the landscape beyond and creating shading and a dappling of light in the interior. 

Construction was completed on this project in 2001.

Photo Credits:

Chuck Choi Architectural Photography