Acton Amphitheater and Bathhouse

Acton, Massachusetts

An amphitheater and bathhouse were designed for the Acton recreation center, a publicly funded project situated on a forty-acre site of reclaimed land, two miles north of the historic town center. The terraced site is surrounded by forests, and its entrance is marked by a man-made beach and pond fed from artesian wells. 

The amphitheater is constructed to seat 2,000 people, and is composed of a massive, semi-circular earth landform with an elevated promenade. The stage area is sheltered by an oversized roof with supporting steel columns that house electrical systems and downspouts. The backstage area is defined by an irregular line of wooden fencing. The raised landform is subtly wired to allow for technologically advanced musical and theatrical events.

The bathhouse, located at the south end of the site, serves as a gateway to the landscape, beach, and amphitheater beyond.  The structure includes an office, concession stand, and an outdoor terrace for dining and viewing. The shapes of the bathhouse and amphitheater are informed by the landscape; their floors are embedded with stones from the site itself—which was once a natural quarry. The project was with Thompson and Rose Architects.