Chilmark Meadow House

Chilmark, Massachusetts

This Chilmark residence on Martha’s Vineyard is nestled into a wooded setting overlooking adjacent preservation land. The clients desired a contemporary design that adhered to the strict zoning requirements within the town of Chilmark. 

Sited within existing woods overlooking the property’s historic stonewalls, the house is organized around a large central living space oriented towards a south-facing landscape courtyard. This open space takes full advantage of the warm summer sunlight and opens to views through a veil of trees to the straits to the north. Large sliding glass walls open the house to the site and blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor space. Wood ceilings, a dual sided fireplace and continuous floor planes negotiate between interior and exterior, furthering this illusion. The project combines modern sculptural spaces with materials consistent with traditional New England architecture and the rich and varied landscape of Martha’s Vineyard. Project with Thompson and Rose Architects.