Paint Rock Camp

Hyattville, Wyoming

This project, funded by The Alm Foundation, called for the siting and designing of a summer camp for 76 inner-city Los Angeles school children. The sixteen-building program includes cabins, a counselors’ lodge, director’s house, dining hall, camp kitchen, swimming pool, horse barn, and other support and recreation facilities. The camp is located at the mouth of two canyons, along Paint Rock Creek, and the siting and composition of the structures draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape. The cabins, which rise up along a canyon wall, are mounted on columns to minimize their disturbance of the sweeping landscape. Balconies and roof decks abound to take full advantage of the views and overviews available on the property, and they encourage multiple perspectives of the landscape.

Paint Rock Camp was published in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture, All American: Innovation in American Architecture and the October 2002 issue of Architectural Record. Project with Thompson and Rose Architects.