Kenyon College commissioned Thompson and Rose to situate and design a dormitory complex within their existing campus structure.  Following a process of student involvement, and historic and site analysis, many site strategies were developed and reviewed by the collegiate community.  The chosen strategy creates a four building dormitory complex surrounding a newly created courtyard landscape on this historic campus.  This complex refers back to and completes the existing one mile long Kenyon campus axis, weaving the formal campus plan with the existing woods.  The design respects collegiate planning traditions, and creates a loosely defined courtyard spatially framed by four object buildings.  A path through the courtyard weaves down into the college woods, finally terminating at the campus sports facility.

The building plans are organized to allow the main living rooms to face the public courtyard, while the bedrooms face the private woods.  Entry to each dormitory is from the main courtyard.  The buildings are detailed with minimalist restraint, and are constructed of high quality materials:  lead coated copper, stone, and exterior stucco finish. 

The architects worked closely with the construction manager, and through a careful process of value engineering delivered the project under budget. 

Construction was completed in 1993.

The project has been published in the November 1994 issue of Architectural Record, as well as in the December 1994 issue of Progressive Architecture.  The project received the 1996 Tucker Award from the Building Stone Institute and the 1994 Boston Society of Architects Design Honor Award.

Photo Credits:

Chuck Choi Architectural Photography